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Johnny Andrews – Perfect Publishing System Elite; Sale! Johnny Andrews – Perfect Publishing System Elite. $997.00 $87.00. Cost For You: $87 You can contact us for proof and payment details: Email [email protected] Add to cart.

The mage-led Sevendor Town wants a new charter. King Rard and the royal court are pressuring the nascent Arcane Orders politically. Some magi are crossing the Penumbra and taking stones from the goblins, as well as taking their service.

A: The most difficult part was deciding how much to push the boundaries. I know this book is a bit darker than what many people are used to. No puppies, bakeries, or babies in thi

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The Andrews government has called on the University of Melbourne to reverse its "disturbing" decision to overhaul its publishing arm.

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Valor! Compassion! and A Perfect Ganesh: Two Plays.

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Mage Publishes literature books about Persian food, history, poetry and the Shahnameh of Ferdowsi, the culture of Iran, Iranian music, Persian empire, and gardens of Persia.

Mage Publishers is an independent press founded in 1985. We publish books of Persian (Iranian) literature and culture in English. Latest Release!

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