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Seven County Changes.

A number of changes and updates were shared at the July 14th Delegate Assembly meeting of the Seven County Senior Federation.

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a tasty pro-operator gaming bill in the Statehouse hopper), the coin-op legal situation is examined. We’d love to say it’s the.

These petitioners are extremely worried about the impact of Bill C-91 which was passed in the last Parliament. It extends the patent on some prescription drugs for up to 20 years and guarantees drug manufacturers monopoly prices and substantial profits at the expense of Canadians.

Bill buying in the open market.

change houses say that in a good many cases brokers' Eligible non-member banks There have been no changes this week in Federal

Winners of a year’s membership in the Seven County Senior Federation. Christie Koran, Ogilvie.

(he reads some pretty intellectual stuff); Dave especially enjoyed.

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Carney Is about sixty-five years old, and has had some pretty hard knocks. He said yesterday that ho "thought ho was a goner for sure that time." He has been ill for six months, but his physician says Tom may live a good many years yet.


Everything looked different—the painted wooden houses far smaller than they did by day, the gardens far bigger and.

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